AUSTIN — Gov. Greg Abbott on Dec. 1 issued the following statement on the Nov. 30 death of George Herbert Walker Bush, the 41st president of the United States:

“Stop making stupid people famous.” Author unknown.

Today, I am presenting other people’s words. The words come from many sources, with the majority coming across the internet. If they came with an author, that name is included.


Lonnie Posey was happy to see his customers during the Grand Reopening of Pop’s Pit BBQ. After receiving a new heart, Posey is serving up tasty BBQ once again on Front Street.

First Team All-District: Jateaveon Boley (running back), Chris Delgado (inside linebacker), Curtis Fisher (tight end), Robert Larson (fullback), Adrian Meza (punter), Juan Munoz (center), and Augus

It took a jury less than thirty minutes of deliberation to find Brookshire’s Mayor, Eric Scott, Not Guilty November 28. The decision was unanimous.

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