AUSTIN — Before Hurricane Florence reached the shores of the Carolinas last week, Gov.

Dictionaries generally define “Anonymous” as “unknown authorship, unknown origin, unidentified, nondescript, or unrecognized.

“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” No one was given credit for this important statement. It popped up on the internet. It is very, very true.


Three of the Crime Stoppers Top Ten Criminals of Waller County have been captured! Only two of the captured criminals are shown. Another has been added to the list.


During a City of Brookshire budget workshop held September 11, Councilwoman Kim Branch asked to have thousands of dollars cut from the proposed 2018- 2019 Brookshire City Budget.

Waller High School (WHS) is proud to announce eight new graduates! The Summer 2018 WHS Graduation Ceremony was held Monday, Sept.

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