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Time To Stop Spending Taxpayer Money

Our government has now spent over Twenty-Five Million Dollars of taxpayer money in an attempt to reach the Democrats goal of removing a duly elected President of the United States. If the Democratic Party wants to spend its money, they cannot be stopped from doing so, but no more taxpayer money should be spent for its agenda. Members of Congress need to spend their time working for the benefit of the United States, not for purposes of empowering the Democratic Party, and not be forced to take Congressional time and money to defend additional unsupported claims against the President of the United States. Enough is enough. Frankly, it is not just enough, it is too much.

Taxpayer funds should not be used to support the political agenda of any political party. Taxpayer funds should only be spent for the direct benefit of taxpayers. There is no such thing as government money; there is only taxpayer money.

It is time for the Democratic Party and those who voted for Hillary Clinton to accept defeat and accept truth. The last time America was so divided by an election was when Abraham Lincoln was elected. Actions of the Southern Democrats resulted in the War Between the States, with the loss of life for more than five million Americans and destruction of property, jobs and families. The Republican North won the war and those of African descent were freed from slavery.



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