Congratulations to students recognized as “Bobcats of the Week for the month of November! Pictured from the left (front row) Maria Torres, Daniel Diaz, (row 2) Megan Grennon, Adriana Lopez, (row 3) Antonio Castanon, Gabriella Sugay-Garcia, Kaylee Hudgens, (back row) Juan Sanchez, Silvia Herrera Peinado, Johnny Lozano, Tatum Hudgens, Abdel Saucedo, and Collin Mayes.

Congratulations to the Bobcats of the Week at Hempstead Middle School

Congratulations to Maria Torres, Adriana Lopez, Antonio Castanon, Abdel Saucedo, Daniel Diaz, Megan Grennon, Gabriella Sugay-Garcia, Collin Mayes, Silvia Herrera Peinado, Johnny Lozano, Juan Sanchez, Tatum Hudgens, and Kaylee Hudgens

Lynda Fairchild picking up Pop’s first orders of BBQ for the staff at the library.

Eager customers started lining up by 11:00 A.M. to get Pop’s Pit BBQ.

James Shawn, Johnny Nimmons and Matt Bishara enjoy BBQ on the first day of Pop’s Pit BBQ Grand Reopening

Pop’s Pit BBQ Grand Reopening

November 29 Pop’s Pitt BBQ was once again offering up tasty food to the community but this time with new heart. Owner Lonnie Posey is back slicing and chopping meat.


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