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Saving the country of Texas

Governor Gregg Abbott is expected to sign HB #347. That bill introduced by State Representative Phil King of Weatherford would protect people who have moved into the Texas countryside. It would allow them to continue to enjoy the stars at night and a rural lifestyle. How?

This bill would stop cities from forcibly annexing property without the landowners’ consent.

City leaders often see metaphorical green grass on the other side of their city limit signs. Rather than tightening budgets and increasing efficacy, local politicians often turn to their ability to quickly increase a tax base through annexation.

Forced annexation allows cities to pass on old debts to landowners who have never been part of the city. It forces landowners to help pay for new city projects that may not have rural benefits.

Annexed landowners may be subjected to a city’s regulations that may change their way of living. (For example livestock regulations.)


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