The George Bush 41 #4141 train moving through the Pinehurst area as it traveled to Texas A&M and the George Bush Presidential library. Members of the Bush family made their own homemade signs from materials in the train and showed their love to the people by displaying those signs in the windows as they traveled the tracks to College Station. The Union Pacific #4141 locomotive was commissioned in President Bush’s honor. Painted to resemble Air Force One, the locomotive bears a presidential seal and Bush’s name. Photo provided by a Waller County citizen.

Going home

Thousands of Texans bid farewell to George H. W. Bush December 6 as he headed to Texas A&M for the final time aboard the George Bush 41 #4141 train. Citizens


It took a jury less than thirty minutes of deliberation to find Brookshire’s Mayor, Eric Scott, Not Guilty November 28. The decision was unanimous. Scott had been placed on trial


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