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Major Lie Growing

Watching some over the air television channels, when I am away from my home, I have begun to see advertisements claiming free electricity. The ad first reminds me that people now receive free medical care, free school lunches, free drugs, free telephones, and free internet, and then proudly announces that they can now have free electricity. It does not mention free rent, subsidized housing, or the SNAP cards (aka food stamps). As the “free” programs expand the major lie of “free” is growing.

The Democratic candidates for President of the United States proclaim they will give us free college tuition, with the alternative of twenty year school loans with limited payment amounts, for a partially free student loan.

When I look at the definition of “free” in several sources, I generally find that “free” means “without cost”. However, I find nothing that is “without cost”. Everything has costs; the cost may be in dollars, time or aggravation.



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