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Sad Times At Ridgemont High

There will always be students graduating at the bottom of the class. Some will be there because of genuine limitations in their ability to learn and to take tests. Some will be there because of their decisions. They chose to enjoy today, instead of enjoy tomorrow.

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” This is a very accurate statement whose author was not identified. I do not know of any high school student who made the choice, when entering as a freshman, to make low grades and reduce opportunity for success after high school. I do know students who made a daily choice of whether or not to do the required homework, to turn in the required projects and to read the textbooks. Good grades can also evidence the discipline that is needed for good jobs, after school.

They made a short term decision, with long term effects. Grades are not always the best gauge of future success, but they are often the only available information that determines opportunity. Leaving high school with poor grades makes for sad times. The graduation parties may bring a moment of fun, but the next morning will be like a bad hangover. Often the question is, “What now?”



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