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“The Democrats are now calling for lowering the voting age from 18 to 16 and yet in most places in this country, these same people pushed to raise the age to buy cigarettes or a gun to 21 years old citing maturity issues. Now that makes as much sense as using a screen to hold water.” – From the internet. Author unknown. Mr. Spock would say that this does not compute.

In California and a few other localities, claim is made that illegal aliens should be allowed to vote, because election results will have an effect on them. Following that logic, Texans should be allowed to vote in California’s Congressional elections because the vote of California Senators and Representatives affect people in Texas. Taking that thought to conclusion, everyone in the United States would be able to vote in every election held anywhere in the United States. There would be no local choice. The right to vote must be reserved to citizens of the country, the state, the county and the city, not visitors and not those who are here illegally.

“If it is not a human being, then why are you harvesting organs from it?” asked Doctor Ben Carson. If a pregnant woman is murdered, the act is deemed a double homicide; how can that be if the fetus is not a human being. Either it is a human life or it is not; the facts cannot be changed with attitudes. If men have no say-so in abortion, should Roe versus Wade be discarded, because it was nine men on the Supreme Court that made that decision?



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